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If your interested in the field of dog training here is what we offer.

Serious Applicants Only

This is Not Done in a class room environment it is a one on one intensive course

Head Office: Harry 941-447-8234 or Chris 514-995-5453


- All students have direct access to the Trainers Login Area.

- Help with marketing and web development & Hosting.

- Plus life time back up support, leads & referrals. ( We do not ask for any percentage for leads or referrals in any way)
  *** Only thing we request is the code of ethics be respected.

- Quiz, questionnaires and problem solving will be given after each class, as home work

- Small projects will be issued accordingly.


(Please note: All levels have detailed sub sections that are not mentioned below)

Section 1

Behavior ( Pending the amount of previous knowledge time various ( 3-4 months Aprox. )

Wolf comprehension: Hierarchy, Geography, Behavior, Principles, Territorial, Hunting, Diet, Anatomy, Dominance, Submissiveness, Shyness, Timidness,
                               Link between wolf & dogs, Wolf characteristics & temperament compared to domesticated dogs, Body language, Intelligence,
                               survival differences between wolves and domesticated dogs in controlled environments and in the wild, Adopting from the wild,
                               Integration to domestication, Mans interference, Communication short and long distance, Life span, Instinct, Habituation, Imprinting,
                               Ethology(The focus of ethology is on animal behavior under natural conditions), Associative learning, observation learned (Imitation),
                               Maturational instincts

Canine comprehension: Hierarchy, Geography, Behavior, Solutions, Modification, Mental Principles, Genetics, Body language, Man made results, Territorial,
                                  Positive Learned behavior, Negative Learned behavior, Natural positive behavior, Natural negative behavior, Progressive aggression,
                                  Communication short and long distance, Diet, Anatomy, Dominance, Submissiveness, Shyness, Timidness and Aggression, Life span,
                                  Ethology (The focus of ethology is on animal behavior under natural conditions), Instinct, Habituation, Associative learning, Imprinting,
                                  Observation learned (Imitation),
Maturational instincts.

Canine Diet comprehension: General Dietary needs, Raw / Processed(commercial) & (Home made), Miss understood ideas, Past & Present conflicts,
                                         Narrowing down the nutritional needs according to breed - age - sex - environment & activity level.

Canine Medical:  General, First aide, Common health issues and solutions, Homeopathic solutions, Medicine / medications used on dogs,
                        First aide kits according to geographical environments. Difference between veterinarians, How to choose a veterinarian,
                        Difference between veterinarians in Canada USA & South America, Europe, Middle East & Asia.

Canine Evaluations: Determining Dominance, Aggression, Submissiveness, Timidness, Shyness, Breaking down the Compulsive Obsessive behavior,                            
                             Evaluating /Analyzing the Obsessive behaviors, Concluding if its a genetic issue or is it a man made / cause, Progressive aggression,
                             Genetic disorders, CSI, Analyzing misbehavior / cause / solution / corrections / modification, Urine detection using Black light, prey drive,
                             stubbornness, coordination, alertness, retrieving plus all testing procedures accordingly.
 Compulsive Obsessive Behaviors from trauma.

Canine Breeds: Understanding pure breeds & mixed breeds, Understanding the Working dogs, Show dogs, Sporting dogs, Herding dogs and more...

Standards: Working dogs, Show dogs, Breed standards from different parts of the world.


Section 2

Canine Training ( Pending the amount of previous knowledge time various (3-5 months Aprox. )

Canine Training Equipment: All types of Leashes, Collars, Chokers, Clickers, Whistles, Harness, Halti, Promise Collars, Electronics, E-Collars, Chains,  Leather,Nylon Webbing,
                                        Balls, Toys,Food, Mussles...etc... (we will also be covering in detail each items plus many other equipment / products that are on the market.)

Canine Obedience: All training methods Past - Present & Up-coming, North American and European training methods. Variety of methods for executing all basic commands,
                           Problems that happen during training of the basics - advance - specialty.

AKC & CKC: Show dogs, Competition of all levels (General Coverage)

Canine Agility: All standard equipment & obstacle usage.

Canine Military Agility: All standard & military complex obstacles & equipment.

Canine Trick Training: 10 to 15 tricks, the idea behind the structure in trick training.

Canine Body Building: Muscular formation, Muscle strengthening of weak body parts, Hip-Dysplasia Strengthening surrounding muscles, Over weight / Under weight solutions,
                                How to build endurence and strength.

Sled dog: Breeds, Equipment, General Coverage.

Search & Tracking: By Sight & Smell, requirements, obsession, general coverage,

Scent Discrimination: Requirements, abilities, obsession, general coverage.

Narcotics: Geographical, requirements, abilities, obsession, general coverage.

Explosives: Geographical, requirements, abilities, obsession, general coverage.

Schutzhund: General Coverage.

***Canine Protection for those interested to be discussed with Director***

Canine Protection Training: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Personal Protection, Family Protection, Guard Dog, Watch Dog, Security Dog, Attack Dog.

Protection Equipment: Sleeves, Full gear, Collars, Leashes, Harnesses, Agitation sticks, Agitation whips, Bamboo sticks etc..., How to make some of the equipment.

Protection: Puppy bite training, Building up the confidence, Strengthening prey drive, Brining out its natural instincts, Comprehension, courage testing, All terrain training,
                Puppy evaluation, Poison proofing, Proper guidance for defensive work etc...

Coming in the near future:

" Cadaver Dog Training Techniques"
& "Detection Dogs"


Specialization of Extra Focused Courses can be taken ONLY after level 1 and level 2 have been done:

All specialization are in US dollars and each are based on 8-10 classes

Behavior: $ 1,800.00 US

Trick Training: $ 900.00 US

Agility: $ 900.00 US

Detection: $ 1,300.00 US

Search & Tracking: $ 1,500.00 US


Head Office: Harry 941-447-8234 or Chris 514-995-5453        


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